Have your say on Gatwick master plan proposals

Gatwick Airport have set out their ambitions as they released their 2018 draft master plan.
The plan includes proposals for the airport’s ongoing development and sustainable growth, considering how Gatwick can meet the increasing demand for air travel and provide Britain with enhanced global connectivity.
It also lays out how it can create new opportunities for the region and continue to bolster the local economy for future generations, while doing everything possible to develop and grow in a sustainable way.
Gatwick is exploring how it could grow across three scenarios:
1. Main runway: using new technologies to increase capacity
In the near term, the airport has explored how deploying new technology could increase the capacity of the main runway, offering incremental growth through more efficient operations.
2. Standby runway: innovative plan to bring existing standby runway into use
Under its current planning agreement, Gatwick’s existing standby runway is only used when the main runway is closed for maintenance or emergencies. However, the 40-year planning agreement will come to an end in 2019. The draft master plan sets out for the first time how they could potentially bring the existing standby runway into routine use for departing flights, alongside the main runway, by the mid-2020s.
3. Additional runway: safeguarding for the future
While they are not actively pursuing the option of building a new runway to the south of the airport it is felt that it is in the national interest to continue to safeguard this land for the future as part of the master plan.
A 12-week public consultation is now live and includes public exhibitions in the local area, which will help inform the publication of the final master plan early next year.
A public exhibition will be held in Croydon:
Date: Thursday 8 November
Time: 15:30-19:30
Location: Centrale Shopping Centre, Croydon, CR0 1TY

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