Headline Artists announced for London’s largest International Urban Art Festival

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The highly anticipated and eagerly awaited RISEfestival, London’s largest international urban art festival, has now released details of the headline artists involved.
Wednesday, September 5, 2018 - 10:00 to Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 18:00

RISEfestival, a celebration of the globally recognised movement that is urban art, is taking place in Croydon from 5th to 15th September. Led by RISEgallery and in collaboration with WhereTheresWalls and Nelly Balazs (aka Monoprixx), this extraordinary 10 day event is completely free!

The festival will see the arrival of over 60 new murals and installations in and around the town centre from some of the world’s leading urban artists. These works will add even more colour to Croydon’s skyline and solidify the town’s reputation as one of Europe’s key destinations for street art.

Amongst the 75 artists taking part in the festival are; Dotmaster, Conor Harrington, BK Foxx, Doudou’StylePhlegm, Lovepusher and Cityzen Kane.

Dotmaster is a UK artist who started painting on the streets of Brighton in the early ’90s. He takes a sideways look at a populist media with a typically English sense of humour. His work is impeccably detailed – his half-tone, stark black and white street pieces and unique, photo-real colour stencils all create street-based illusions that fool the eye.

Conor Harrington is an Irish painter living and working in London. The former graffiti artist’s work draws a fine line between classical and contemporary art. Still a fan of painting huge murals, he utilizes realistic images of people in his pieces, incorporating abstract elements to accompany his painted subjects.

BKFoxx is a New York-based artist who likes to create large-scale murals, working freehand with spray paint. As a passionate animal enthusiast, she focuses on social awareness of animals and often depicts them in her murals, which are largely found around New York City.

Doudou’Style aka Jessy Monlouis-Bonnaire is a young French street artist, painter and illustrator. Born in Paris in 1984 with Martiniquan origin, she is an authentic self-taught artist. She finds her passion in cartoons, comics and Manga and her work has a light Japanese influence.

Phlegm started out as an illustrator, producing hand-crafted zines and books. He then began to transplant the worlds and stories that he created on paper to the outdoors on a huge scale. Hailing from Sheffield, he is now known for his intricate, precise black and white style through which he portrays fantastical characters and creatures from his imagination.

Love Pusher is a London born artist specialising in three-dimensional typography. Having begun his graffiti journey in 1995, and witnessed the changing scene, he has the same level of passion and enthusiasm for graffiti as he did in his adolescence.

CityzenKane produces distinctive three-dimensional work from polymer clay which are often inspired by Asian or South American cultural references.

Other artists taking part in the festival will be announced each day via the RISEgallery social media channels (@RISEgallery).

In addition to the vast range of murals created by these artists, the festival will include a ground-breaking programme of free events including live music, workshops, walking tours, independent film screenings, and a major block party with world renowned DJs. This will all be underpinned by an exclusive new exhibition at RISEgallery and a pop-up shop selling amazing and affordable art work. With such a diverse programme of activities and events, RISEfestival will ensure art and cultural experiences are truly inclusive and available to all.

Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, owner of RISEgallery said: “Having worked with both local and international artists on smaller projects across the borough over the past four years, I’m excited to have the opportunity to bring them and others together for this ground breaking new festival. The scale of the event and calibre of artists involved demonstrates the exponential rise in popularity of urban art.”

Nelly Balazs founder of Monoprixx said: “Croydon has always been pivotal in the evolution of urban culture so the launch of an urban art festival is a natural progression of that movement.”

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