Inspirational Story: Ian Stephenson

Ian Stephenson owns ten McDonalds across Croydon and yet remains impressively modest about his achievements. Hot on the tails of a recent feature in MyLondon, Croydon BID took the opportunity to ask Ian, who is a director on our board, a few extra questions.

Ian’s own story of success not only shows how focus, drive and diligence can reap rewards, but also how taking opportunities that come along can inspire you to take a new direction.


  1. In the article, Ian, you talked about the High Street adapting to the needs of people. What do you think will be the key changes that we’ll see in the next few years?


Customers are continually seeking convenience, ease and ways to make their life more stress-free, therefore, all businesses on the High Street and business in general face the challenge of providing additional customer experience to ensure that it’s more than just a transactional arrangement between the business and that of the consumer.


  1. You discussed the flexibility that you offer staff, which has resulted in 70% of your employees in some kind of education. In what ways do you offer flexibility? How effective do you find this? And is this specifically important to running a successful business in Croydon, and why?


We live in ever-changing working landscape, therefore you need to provide opportunities that complement a modern and progressive workforce. At McDonald’s, we offer a fully flexible contract that can work around the busy lives of both personal commitments and work commitments. In addition, we can offer guaranteed hour contracts if stability is your preference. In short, you need to meet the needs of people and treat people how you would like to be treated.


  1. You have 3 children. What are your favourite places to go around Croydon as a family? What do you like about Croydon as a place to raise your family?


In Croydon, I genuinely think we are spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants, we can try every culture and cuisine. We have great leisure facilities such as Valley Park Retail park, offering everything from cinema to bowling and family days out and for the younger children. I must say I am a fan of Oxygen in the Colonnades Leisure Park. Catering for adults is the newly refurbished Fairfield halls!

So honestly, in my opinion, Croydon is just a great place to be.


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