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Croydon BID is pleased to announce the launch of a new, user-friendly dashboard that gives local businesses exclusive access to vital insights about the health of the town centre and greater access to the services and initiatives that matter to them

Created by Croydon BID in partnership with software company Solomon, the solution integrates data from a wide range of sources and provides an analysis of performance across key areas like footfall, transport, crime and air quality.

“Data is an important resource that enables us to understand how Croydon is changing and to identify key areas where the BID can play a role in future improvement”, says Matthew Sims, CEO of Croydon BID.

“The big challenge is that local data is hard to access and often presented in ways that are difficult to decipher. Our dashboard will ensure that every Croydon BID member has the information they need at their fingertips.”

The dashboard works by plugging into pools of data posted onto the internet. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of government agencies publishing their data online, as well as a large number of private businesses who provide access to data as a service.

Through Solomon, Croydon BID’s members now have access to data sources that will allow them to strategically plan ahead, to understand and analyse the performance in the past and the present, the trends and how to approach activities for the future.

Over the coming weeks and months, Croydon BID will continue to source new data which will be added to that dashboard, along with the tools to enable users to perform their own analysis.

In addition to the dashboard, the Croydon BID solution gives each member business secure access to a timeline that details exactly what Croydon BID has done for them. As Matthew Sims explains, “we want to be open and accountable about the way we use our members' investments and so it makes sense to capitalise on digital tools to boost our own transparency.”

Solomon is a platform devised specifically with business improvement districts in mind and has been tried and tested across many towns and cities across the UK including Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Newcastle and Bristol.

The platform will go live in July 2019 with all BID member contacts being offered a username and password. As long as you are employed by a Croydon BID member company, you can have access to the platform. It’s really easy to use and there’ll be support from Croydon BID and online support available so you can maximise the opportunities that this new resource brings to your business.

If you are keen to gain access to the Solomon platform, please contact the Keely Dench at Croydon BID today on 020 8603 0050.


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