Meet the Retailer: House of Reeves

House of Reeves is a furniture store with such a rich history that it gave its name to Reeves Corner.
Established in 1867, this independent, family-run business is as old as Canada, which was officially formed the same year. House of Reeves has survived the bombings of the Second World War, the arson attack during the riots in 2011 and, in recent years, the increasing competition from online start-ups and national challenges to our town centres nationwide.  
At House of Reeves, the expertise of the staff is second to none; they have over 150 years of experience between them. Graham and Trevor Reeves, who are brothers, are the fifth generation of the Reeves’ family to run their business on the very same site where Edwin Reeves, a cooper from Dorset, turned his hand from making barrels to selling furniture.
At first glance, the frontage does not convey the size and ranges of furniture available. However, when you get inside and talk to the team, you realise that these retailers really know their furniture and have stocked their floor with a wide range of quality mattresses, beds and sofas, to appeal to every person’s pocket. There is a wide misconception in buying furniture that online, or chain retailers, are cheaper. However, The House of Reeves ‘Price Promise’ ensures they are always competitive in providing not only the best price, but the service that goes with it. 
The Reeves family has, through generations of trustworthy and honest retailing, built up a reputation with both lifelong customers and suppliers. This means that they can stock heritage brands, such as Hypnos beds and mattresses, many of which are made from sustainable, natural wool, cashmere and natural fibres. In fact, it’s possible to go and try mattresses in a lunch break and have it delivered the next day. Aside from the highest quality, they’ve also got very inexpensive options, for example, a good quality sprung bed with a storage drawer base and a free headboard for only £300. 
In the world of furniture, it is worth shopping about and the main advice to any potential buyers is to ‘try before you buy’. As House of Reeves is conveniently close to North End, why not take the chance to go and have a lie down in your lunch break, or a comfortable snuggle on a sofa, and a chat with one of these local masterminds of the furniture world?

House of Reeves

Reeves Corner

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