Night Rangers on hand to help businesses thrive and keep town centre safe

Safer Streets
With Croydon’s night time economy reopening, Croydon BID’s Night Rangers are on hand to support, inform and advise businessowners to help keep the town centre safe.

Introduced in October 2020 and patrolling the town centre between 6pm and 11pm Wednesday-Sunday, the Night Rangers provide a visible presence to deter crime, and providing confidence throughout the evening. And during the lockdown period throughout January to March, the Night Rangers were out during the day – providing confidence for people out and about during the day.

They also carry a Croydon BID radio link, which can help support venues if door staff face trouble, as they are trained in diffusing and de-escalation – as well as being able to detain people before the police arrive.

Since October, Croydon BID’s Night Rangers delivered more than 3,500 additional hours of patrolling across the town centre, assisting businesses, creating a safer environment for people to enjoy and are working closely with the Metropolitan Police to make Croydon even safer – both now and in future.

The Croydon BID radio link is used by the Night Rangers, as well as the police, hospitality venues and retail businesses, allowing intelligence to be shared across the town centre and updates to be shared quickly and effectively to keep shops, venues, staff and consumers safe. Coupled with the biggest uplift in police officer numbers in the town centre in 10 years, the BID is working with partners to ensure the town centre becomes safer every day.

Matthew Sims, Croydon BID Chief Executive, said: “Croydon BID, its partners, and the business community, will not accept the levels of anti-social behaviour in its town centre and we are introducing a series of operations that will take place every month with identified businesses to reduce the levels they are experiencing and make staff feel safer in their place of work.

“The Night Rangers and Croydon BID radio link are just two measures that we’ve put in place as we put safety first and we will continue to strive for better.

“Additional patrols are taking place throughout the town centre, funded by Croydon BID. This will provide even more visibility and will continue all the way through to next year.

“If you are a levy member and do not have a radio to contact Croydon BID, tell us and we will make sure you have one.

“We want as many as people to have the radio as possible so we can build a strong community of intelligence-based sharing across our town centre with the police, Night Rangers, and our ambassadors so we can respond.”

If any business experiences criminal activity they should always call 999 in an emergency and if they have problems that are crime related but not necessarily an emergency, call 101.

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