Our Cleaning Heroes

Cleaner and Greener
With all the hustle and bustle of a busy town centre, keeping Croydon clean is a constant battle. Croydon BID employs a cleaning team to help improve the appearance of the town centre and contribute to delivering brighter streets.

Our cleaning team work to a structured programme, with time allocated to responsive cleaning, dependent on the businesses’ requests. Furthermore, Croydon BID’s Welcome Ambassadors (‘our people in pink’) note any issues they see daily, so that these can be addressed as quickly as possible.

The cleaning heroes, Illidio and Augustine, begin every day at 4am, rain or shine, making the most of the quieter time on the streets to maximise productivity. Their sunny dispositions and positive attitudes mean that they’re always smiling, despite the arduous nature of their work.

In 2019, the cleaning team power washed and cleansed 49,000 square metres (the equivalent of over 9 football pitches) in the town centre, which included the removal of chewing gum. They removed over 1,400 pieces of graffiti (the careless, unartistic tag kind of graffiti) and they washed and cleaned nearly 3,500 items of street furniture (benches, lampposts etc)

As we head into 2020, a sparkling new decade, our cleaning team will continue to heroically support our endeavours to deliver brighter streets, as Croydon’s incredible transformation continues to increase the number of people it draws to this part of London every day.

We’re launching a poll on Twitter so you can vote for which area of the town centre should be targeted first in 2020: High Street, George Street or West Croydon? Head to @croydonbid to have your say.


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