Police prepare for seasonal crime changes

Safer Streets
Town centre police have been readying themselves for a spike in autumn crime.

The Fairfield Ward Policing Team have readjusted their shifts during Autumn Nights, the Met’s drive to prevent anti-social behaviour during the Halloween and Fireworks season.

They have also launched an awareness campaign to coincide with the festivities of Navratri and Diwali, as in autumn there tends to be a slight increase in burglary, particularly of Asian gold. For tips on how to protect your gold and jewellery, please go to

Aside from these celebrations, the team’s priorities continue to be tackling anti-social behaviour, serious youth violence, business crime and theft from shops.

A high-profile shoplifter received a custodial sentence after he was identified on CCTV. Arrests were also made for drugs possession and Fairfield police assisted their South Croydon colleagues with a cannabis factory warrant, seizing over 100 plants and arresting one adult.

Also, while on patrol, a knuckle duster and a penknife were found on a man in Drummond Road. In London Road, on a separate day, PC Michaels-Dubois arrested a very drunk man who was waving a large knife around in London Road scaring school children.

On a lighter note, PC Morgan attended a careers day with other officers at Archbishops Tennison school.

Email the local police team at, tweet @MPSCroydonTC or call 07584 186585.

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