R&F Properties: Queen’s Square Marketing Suite now open for business

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R&F Properties marked an “important milestone for central Croydon” with the opening of their Queen’s Square Marketing Suite.

Over one hundred key stakeholders gathered at the suite, situated on the High Street at the corner of St George’s Walk, to learn more about the project that will transform the heart of Croydon town centre.

The site, immediately opposite the Town Hall and Queen’s Gardens on Katharine Street, includes the former Nestle Tower, St George’s Walk, the Grade II listed Segas House and various buildings, mostly from the 1960s, made up of shops on the ground floor and offices above.

Queen’s Square will deliver homes, public spaces – including a new Town Square – and commercial properties to central Croydon. The development will also provide a crucial link between the cultural quarter around Fairfield Halls, the civic quarter around the Town Hall, the shopping and leisure quarter along the High Street and the emerging Westfield development to be delivered by the Croydon Partnership.

Phase one of the project – the conversion of the Nestle Tower into a new residential community with 225 homes – is already firmly underway, with sales due to be launched in the next few weeks. The marketing suite offers potential buyers all the information they require, including a detailed model of how the site will look.

Michael Purefoy, Head of Sales & Marketing for R&F Properties spoke of the developer’s excitement to finally be able to reveal more of their plans.

“R&F have been involved in this scheme for almost two years and we are thrilled we are now in a place where we can start sharing what we have been up to for the last couple of years,’” he said.

“We are really excited that after many years where there has been no movement on this site, you can now see the scaffolding go up, the hoardings go up and see signs of real progress.

“We think it’s such an exciting time to be involved in Croydon. In addition to our scheme, there are so many fantastic things happening here and we are tremendously proud to be a part of that. For us it is really important that what we deliver for Queen’s Square becomes an integral part of the  Croydon Town Centre regeneration. So, the fundamentals of the scheme are a new public square opposite the Town Hall, a fantastic opportunity to blend the new with the old, new walkways that penetrate the scheme and we hope will bring life to the ground floor through retail and commercial offerings.

“There are a lot of great things happening, as you can see here in our marketing suite and it’s great to have you here as we formally open it. Thanks for joining us at the start of our journey.”

Shifa Mustafa, Executive Director Place, London Borough of Croydon, said the scheme will play a vital role in Croydon’s regeneration.

“This is a really important milestone in the central part of Croydon,” she said. “For me, the most important thing for this project is adding to what we’ve done around Fairfield Halls, to create that cultural, civic hub.

“We’ve got great office space in East Croydon, we’re still confident we’ll have the best in retail with the Westfield development and what we need now is that central piece in mid Croydon. This is a really important project to deliver that. I can’t wait to see this scheme develop over the coming years.”

News artcile provided by Develop Croyddon

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