Safety information campaign to be launched next week

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Croydon BID has led a new safety campaign, joint funded by Croydon Council, to promote safety messaging and increase consumer confidence as businesses reopen and people return to the town centre. The vibrant campaign will be launched next week, from the 20th July 2020.
As our town centre begins to reopen, there is a need to provide an environment which is not only safe and secure for those that use it, but also provides reassurance through clear and supportive messaging, allowing people to move freely and confidently. 
Croydon BID and Croydon Council have been working closely together on many of the reopening measures which have already been implemented. So far, there has been a focus on the more practical, logistical elements such as partial road closures, floor markings to support social distancing and queue management. 
In partnership, we are now moving forward with welcoming signage that delivers supportive information and messaging to those using the town centre. The vibrant campaign will be seen across the town centre from next week, with key messaging that encompasses government advice in a warm and friendly manner. This will include a series of information towers, lamp post surrounds, bollard covers and correx posters across key locations of the town centre. 
Councillor Manju Shahul Hameed, cabinet member for economy and jobs, said: “We’re delighted to see more of our town centre businesses reopen and we’re backing them all the way. We’ve been working closely with Croydon BID to support them to welcome back the customers as safely as possible, introducing new measures in our town centre to support social distancing and encourage everyone to shop local, and shop safe.”
Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon, said:
“This campaign is one of many measures that we have taken to represent our business members and encourage consumer confidence but, more importantly, ensure people can return and move around the town centre, safely and securely.” 
We hope the eye-catching campaign resonates with people in Croydon town centre and delivers the key safety messages in a way that is friendly and reassuring.

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