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Our friendly, approachable team of Street Ambassadors is here to help you, your employees, clients and visitors make the most of your time in Croydon.

As well as providing a welcome every weekday morning, they also provide advice, information, and guidance on getting around the heart of the town and promote what’s on and available in the centre.

You might notice that they greet people arriving into Croydon at the train stations. Ever warm and friendly, and dressed brightly in pink ‘I’m here to help’ jackets, they offer help to visitors, and smiles to strangers and locals alike. Experts in local knowledge and passionate about Croydon, they have printed maps of the town centre to distribute, and leaflets concerning local events. To date, since October 2015, they’ve welcomed over 221,000 people to Croydon.

They’re also an integral part of delivering the pledge to deliver brighter streets. As they walk around the town centre, they note any potential issues, such as areas that might need extra cleaning. Working alongside the BID’s specialist cleaning team, the Ambassadors identify environmental and cleansing issues, such as graffiti, grime and fly-tipping, all of which are then targeted for swift attention by our heroic cleaning team. Since October 2015, our Street Ambassadors have logged over 6,000 environmental issues (with a fix rate of 95%) and reported over 6,135 cleaning issues.   

The ambassadors also carry the two-way radios that are part of Croydon BID’s Radio Link, a great way to increase safety and reduce crime for all involved.

An essential part of their role is to support the needs of our levy payers and visit your businesses to ensure they have the latest information and marketing support, and note any issues or concerns that you might need to be addressed by Croydon BID. To date, they’ve made 13,229 recorded business visits (over 4,500 ad-hoc and 8,500 scheduled visits). In addition, they’ve made over 13,000 informal visits.

As Matthew Sims, Chief Executive, Croydon BID, says,

“The ambassador team are an integral part of the town centre in so many ways. Whether you live, work or visit the town centre, the ambassadors offer a particularly positive and friendly appeal to Croydon. It’s all about the customer journey, adding a little more value to the start, middle and end of your Croydon experience. Their role in regularly monitoring the streets and keeping in touch with businesses is equally important. They are here to help in any way that they can and for us that has to be considered as a real asset during times of great change.”

Our Street Ambassadors clock up a huge amount of steps every single day, and know Croydon’s town centre inside out. They’ve been a crucial part of the Croydon BID team since 2015 and must have all walked more miles of Croydon’s BID area than anyone else in that time. Monday to Friday, 9 hours every day, our ‘people in pink’ are here to make a positive difference.

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