Statement from Matthew Sims, Chief Executive, following Prime Minister's announcement - 14 June 2021

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While we understand and accept the Government’s cautionary note and subsequent delay in full reopening on 21 June, it is equally important for the Government to understand the need for greater business support applied to those sectors most deeply affected, in particular the hospitality and night time economy.

Businesses across the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors have responded to the calls of the Government - investing millions of pounds in the process - to ensure its customers are safe. London’s economy needs certainty so our nightclubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants can start to operate fully without any further delay to that announced by the Prime Minister today.

What is equally important is that those businesses still restricted from trading are given an uplift in financial support. Without greater intervention, businesses who have clung on to the roadmap laid out by the Government, will disappear from our town and city centres - and with them the community’s beating heart.

In representing over 550 businesses across Croydon town centre and as part of a business improvement district community which supports over 100,000 businesses in England and Wales, we implore the Government to offer certainty, clarity and support for those businesses most affected by the recent announcement. 


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