Street Live introducing The Bridge 2018 with Scanners Inc

Perception and Image
The Bridge is Scanner’s Inc’s classic hip hop jam, non-stop family event that culminates in London’s friendliest social dance party. A one-day festival, it embodies “Peace, Love, Unity and having Fun"

The Bridge 2018 was made possible by partnership with Croydon Council and the Croydon BID as part of Street Live 2018. Street Live was event managed by Think Events London. Scanner’s Inc is a creative arts producing company based in London. They work globally to create and design performance, pop up events, festivals and gatherings in streets, empty shops, theatres and public spaces.

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The Bridge has been rocking London annually since 2013. 

The four pillars of hip hop culture are represented with some of the UK’s top DJs, dancers, MCs and graffiti artists. An event full of summer sunshine with a serving of funk, soul and classic hip hop. The Bridge 2018 featured: Alex Mechanikool, Artful Dodger, Breis, Carleen de Sozer, DJ 279, DJ3D, DJ Biznizz, DJ Credit One, DJ Pogo, Hair the Beat, G1, Handson Family, Mr Dane, Mr Higgs & Mr Parker, Pervez Live 2 Break, Teddy Ted and TY. This film was made by Project Black Mic. 

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