Supermarket Check-In App Gathers Momentum

A free App that launched in mid-April, which gives users information on queues and stock shortages, has been downloaded by almost 600,000 users and already features over 30,000 supermarkets and other stores.
The free App, called Supermarket Check In, is available on Android or Apple, and has been developed by Paul Hulatt, a web developer from Rainham in Kent, who wanted to relieve the increasing issues of queues and stock shortages during the pandemic, and enable shoppers to manage their time more effectively. 
The free App relies on the ‘community spirit’ that has become evident during this global crisis. Shoppers add details to the App and then other user can opt for the quietest and therefore, safest, times to shop. 
There has also been a great deal of interest from supermarket chains too, with local support from a growing number of M&S Food stores across the country (including Croydon, Southampton, Sheffield, York & Edinburgh) who use and promote Supermarket Check In to keep their customers up-to-date.
Gavin Foley, Commercial Manager at WestQuay M&S said: "As a retailer supporting our local community. Supermarket Check-in is a fantastic tool for our customers to use to see which stores have the shortest queues, safest environment and best availability to meet their needs."
Furthermore, Paul has just launched another new App, Restaurant Check-In.  
Paul Hulatt said: 
"Given all the issues there have been with queues during the current crisis, especially at major fast food chains since they’ve reopened, I wanted to help.  None of this information was publicly available elsewhere so I came up with the idea of creating a way for people to easily ‘check-in’ to their local restaurant or takeaway after visiting or ordering, so that others in their local community could benefit. This kind of socially-generated content is a really great way of communities coming together and helping each other get through this crisis.”
In the last couple of weeks, well-known restaurants such as McDonald's & KFC have reopened and already, there has been a significant increase in check-ins for these types of businesses.  Whilst Supermarket Check-In is suitable for most other types of shop in addition to supermarkets, takeaways & restaurants have multiple queues and wait times for different order and delivery methods, which is why this new App was developed. 
Paul also has a third app nearing completion, which will allow businesses to easily count and track customers as they enter/leave shops and manage a queue too.  A key feature of the app in development is the ability to also support multiple entrance venues, like malls, too.  As with Paul’s other two Apps, for all retailers, the major benefit of his new app is that it does not require any specialised hardware, just a normal smartphone. Therefore, it's suitable for shops of all sizes, from small independents to large department stores and malls.
For businesses to request more information, contact 
Supermarket Check-In is available for both iPhone/iPad on the Appstore and Android on Google Play. Search ‘Supermarket Check-In’ or use the following link below 
Restaurant Check-In is available for both iPhone/iPad on the Appstore and Android on Google Play. Search ‘Restaurant Check-In’ or use the following link below

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