Targeted Cleansing for Croydon’s Reopening

Cleaner and Greener
Our Croydon BID specialist cleansing team has been back at work, delivering brighter streets in time for the reopening of the town centre. As businesses begin to open their shutters and people venture out of their front doors, it is a good time to freshen up the town centre.
It is great to welcome back the familiar faces of Illidio and Augustine, our specialist cleansing team, who have been all over the town centre, targeting particular areas and ensuring they respond to requests from your businesses.
In the last 5 shifts alone, they have managed to cover cleansing of the subway near East Croydon station, as well as the area outside Boxpark Croydon. They’ve freshened up George Street from Wellesley Road to the High Street, cleaning the street and windows of businesses. 
They’ve tackled graffiti, removing the unsightly tags that have appeared in prime locations and washed down the street furniture and shutters in North End. They’re currently halfway along the High Street, preparing this area for the reopening of pubs and restaurants this Saturday, on the 4th July.
Shaun Webster, Head of Operations, said:
“Having a specialist, targeted cleansing team means we can respond to our BID members’ requests and focus the cleansing operations on key areas; whether that is removing graffiti tags, washing down street furniture or removing the accumulated dust and dirt from windows. In only two days per week, they are able to cover a lot of ground and make a positive difference and contribute towards increasing confidence in the town centre.”
Our Croydon BID cleansing team do a phenomenal job of delivering brighter, cleaner streets, which may often seem like a relentless task in our busy town centre. It is great to have them back and helping us prepare the town centre for the increasingly busy times ahead, and their enthusiasm and commitment to Croydon BID is much appreciated by us all.

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