Tide complete concrete cores of world’s largest modular towers

Perception and Image
Tide Construction are ‘ready for the next stage of the project’ having completed the two concrete cores of the world’s tallest modular towers.
The two huge cores now loom large on the horizon at the site at 101 George Street, opposite East Croydon Station.
Tide, funded by Greystar and Henderson Park, say they are firmly on track to deliver 546 homes in the proposed timescale of two years.
Christy Hayes, CEO Tide Construction said: “We are very pleased with the progress we are making in building the world’s tallest modular towers. We are delivering the development according the set time scales, offering much needed project certainty to our clients.
“Completing the concrete cores means that we are ready for the next stage of the project, by bringing the first module onsite in Croydon. The modules are built in our factory in Bedford, undergoing strict quality controls, and will create high quality homes to rent for Londoners.”
Tide Construction’s offsite arm Vision Modular will install the fully-fitted modules, manufactured at its Bedfordshire factory, around the concrete cores.
The towers at the build-to-rent development will eventually reach heights of 44 and 38 storeys. Designed by HTA Design, the building will feature winter gardens, an art gallery, an incubator hub for local businesses and an on-site café. Each tower will also contain gyms, club rooms and garden terraces.

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