Tier 4 Statement from our CEO

The Prime Minister has, as we now understand, placed London into Tier 4, increasing restrictions across the capital and in Croydon, closing all non-essential retail alongside the already closed hospitality and leisure.

The restrictions bring an end to any hope we may have been harbouring of seeing loved ones over the festive period.

What is absolutely pivotal as we digest the justification, science and data being presented is that we all stay safe, remain responsible to ourselves and others during what will, for many, be a very difficult set of decisions to take in. In what has been an incredibly challenging year, we have demonstrated such resilience and we must do so again in very difficult circumstances.

The impact of entering Tier 4 to businesses in retail and of course the already closed hospitality and leisure five days prior to Christmas will leave many concerned, disappointed and at a loss as to what the future may hold.

For many businesses, the festive season, the most lucrative period of the year has been lost leaving businesses uncertain as to their future.

The Government’s response to supporting businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sector is not enough to sustain their existence at a time when they so desperately need it. We have been calling on the Government to listen, to understand the impact this will have on local and regional economies and do what is necessary to keep businesses afloat.

The Government has not made clear what support it will provide to businesses in Tier 4. Nor has it listened to the many thousands of businesses in tier 3 who desperately need greater financial support. We are imploring the Government to answer the call of our business community and provide the appropriate level of financial support before it is too late.

Croydon BID leads a national campaign to help those in retail, hospitality and leisure to #BounceBackBetter. To understand our manifesto of asks and to douwnload the assets and support our call, please visit




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