Voluntary Croydon Champions launched as town centre gears up for reopening

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Croydon BID and its partners are launching a new voluntary initiative that will deliver a warm and friendly welcome back to shoppers, employees and visitors as non-essential retail open their doors from 15th June 2020.

In partnership with Croydon Council and Croydon Voluntary Action, Croydon BID is leading the delivery of a new scheme of Croydon Champions. This scheme has been designed to instil confidence in people in the town centre, as well as contribute to the creation of a safe environment for everyone to move more freely under the new social distancing guidelines, as lockdown measures are reduced and busineses begin to reopen.

The scheme aims to attract over 100 volunteers and will go live in the next week. The Croydon Champions will be visibly present across both mornings and afternoons, from 9.00am to 1.00pm and 1.00pm to 5.00pm, Tuesday to Saturday, to provide clear information, directions, advice and guidance, as well as champion the importance of social distancing and, above all, offer a warm and friendly ‘welcome back’.

Cllr Tony Newman, Leader of Croydon Council said:

“As government guidance allows more businesses to reopen next week, we want people to be able to return to work and support their local shops as safely as possible. We are putting in a raft of measures to support social distancing in our town and district centres, streets and public spaces. The Croydon Champions will be a reassuring presence in our town centre, and another example of how Croydon is working together as one partnership to support our community during Covid-19 and begin to revive our local economy.”

The Croydon Champions will be easily recognisable in pink tabards and white polo shirts and will operate in social distancing pairs. They will be provided with a Croydon BID radio, a full complement of specialist training and personal protective equipment.

Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon BID, said:

“We are all having to adapt to the current challenges we face as a community. As we take our first tentative steps outside of lockdown, the Croydon Champions will provide that very personal ‘welcome back’ in the hope that people will be put at ease and feel confident once again to come back into the town centre. This is a vital step forward in creating a scheme that will add support, not just to those that use the town centre but the businesses that operate within it.”

Croydon Voluntary Action has played a major role in supporting the community, none more so than recently as part of the response to Covid-19.

Steve Phaure, Chief Executive of Croydon Voluntary Action, said:

“Our community is rich with people willing to support those most in need. We have seen the most generous outpouring of support through many of our programmes, especially those linked to the Covid-19 national emergency. I am now thrilled to be working on a project that brings the private, public and third sector together to provide much needed support to those using our town centre. Our volunteers will bring with them the positivity we need at this time as we slowly begin to unlock our communities.”

Croydon Voluntary Action is now calling on those interested in supporting the Croydon community to get in touch and register their interest in becoming a Croydon Champion. To register your interest, please visit the link below.


Keely Dench

Business Engagement & Place Manager
020 8603 0052

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