Welcoming Our Ambassadors

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The value our ambassadors bring can not only be seen in the statistics, but also on a daily basis, with their support and assistance throughout the town centre, whatever the weather.

The statistics are impressive. Since we welcomed ambassadors to Croydon BID in September 2015, they’ve completed over 26,000 business visits, reported over 2,500 issues of anti-social behaviour and logged over 8,000 intelligence reports (including: commercial waster, illegal advertising, busking, beggars and illegal street trading).

From 8 to 10am every day, our ambassadors welcome people to Croydon at the train stations, providing help, information and directions. From 10am to 5pm, they complete both scheduled and ad-hoc business visits. Linked into Croydon BID Radio Link, our ambassadors are our eyes and ears on the town centre. They also give support to our events, like Wimbledon Live and Street Live, and work overtime to support the extra activity in the town centre.

Matthew Sims, CEO of Croydon BID said: "Our ambassasdors are an integhral part of the community. They offer the welcome smile that is so important whether you live, work or visit the town centre. Their knowledge and information provides those requiring help and support with reassurance and guidance every step of the way in some cases. Above all they are working every day with the business community providing a pivotal link between our members and the BID staff so that we work an issue in to a solution." 

Since their launch in September 2015, our Croydon ambassadors have: 

  • Welcomed 265,000 people to the town centre 
  • Carried out 14,500 business visits and 15,000 informal business visits
  • Logged 6700 environmental issues such as grafitti, illegal advertising, roads and pavements, street lighting and many more
  • Entered 6,268 cleansing reports which have either been sent to Croydon Council or completed by our cleaning team
  • Recorded 2,900 anti-social reports 

They are an integral part of our team at Croydon BID, and a welcoming, valuable addition to Croydon’s town centre.

For further information on the team and their role, please contact Croydon BID on 020 8603 0050.

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