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Croydon Partnership Statement

The Croydon Partnership has issued the following statement:
2nd March 2020 | Business engagement

CEO Blog: Where there is challenge, there is resolve.

Croydon is the most resilient borough I know. Croydon has been through a great deal and not only come out the other side but...
26th February 2020 | Business engagement

Spotlight: Wayne Saunders, M.D., Phase

The cool crowd know that Croydon is on the cusp of something special, which is why the team behind a big part of Brixton’s...
24th February 2020 | Business engagement

VIP launch celebrates opening of Croydon’s newest gym

The success of Croydon-based fitness and wellbeing company MyPT has been celebrated at a VIP launch to mark the opening of...
4th February 2020 | Business engagement

Inspirational Story: Ian Stephenson

Ian Stephenson owns ten McDonalds across Croydon and yet remains impressively modest about his achievements. Hot on the...
31st January 2020 | Business engagement

Toy Barnhaus Wins at The Toy Retailer of the Year Awards

Toy Barnhaus won at the prestigious Toy Retailer of the Year Awards. This annual Toy Industry Awards evening was held at...
31st January 2020 | Business engagement

Meet the Retailer: House of Reeves

House of Reeves is a furniture store with such a rich history that it gave its name to Reeves Corner.
16th January 2020 | Business engagement

Venue Launch: Gustoso

A stunning new Italian opens its doors today right in the heart of the town centre. Gustoso brings a menu boasting of tasty...
28th November 2019 | Business engagement

Link UP at Mr Fox

Our second ever Link-Up event took place at the award-winning and delightfully welcoming Mr. Fox, the self-proclaimed ‘...
26th November 2019 | Business engagement

Spotlight: Croydon Central Hustings 2019

Croydon BID and are delighted to offer you the chance to attend an election hustings night in Croydon to hear...
15th November 2019 | Business engagement


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