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CEO Blog - October 2020

We all have the right to feel tired, frustrated, lonely, concerned and worried as we continue to battle with a worldwide...
14th October 2020 | Accessibility | Business engagement | Cleaner and Greener | Perception and Image | Safer Streets

Operation Tofano delivers positive results for Croydon

Nineteen people have been arrested following two days’ of raids at 30 residential addresses in Croydon.
14th August 2020 | Safer Streets

Safety information campaign to be launched next week

Croydon BID has led a new safety campaign, joint funded by Croydon Council, to promote safety messaging and increase...
16th July 2020 | Accessibility | Business engagement | Perception and Image | Safer Streets

Floor stencils and social distancing stickers go down a treat

For the last two weeks of June, Croydon BID has been supporting businesses on a number of issues to prepare adequately as...
1st July 2020 | Safer Streets

Town Centre Operations for Reopening

Behind the scenes with the Head of Operations for Croydon BID, Shaun Webster
8th June 2020 | Accessibility | Business engagement | Cleaner and Greener | Perception and Image | Safer Streets

COVID-19: Free Cyber Security Course

The Police Security Digital Centre (PDSC) in collaboration with Croydon BID and the Metropolitan Police, is delivering a...
8th April 2020 | Safer Streets

COVID-19: Interview with Chief Inspector Craig Knight

Chief Inspector Craig Knight of the Metropolitan Police spoke to Croydon BID's CEO, Matthew Sims, today, offering insights...
6th April 2020 | Safer Streets

COVID-19: Fraud Alert

Fraudsters are exploiting the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus to facilitate various types of fraud and cyber crime.
26th March 2020 | Safer Streets

Message from the Metropolitan Police

With the majority of shops now closed, the ones that have remained open need to be extra vigilant.
25th March 2020 | Safer Streets

COVID-19: Investing in your safety to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour – UPDATE

Our focus is on reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in the town centre, as well as improving people’s perceptions of...
24th March 2020 | Safer Streets


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