Response and strategy report 2020-2021

We are all living through unprecedented times with challenges in every direction as we work together to survive the impact of a worldwide pandemic that has left our society and economy reeling from its effects.
There is no rule book to how we survive such an event as the one we are living through at this point in time. Together, we have shown great resilience in finding solutions to some of the most complex challenges facing each and every one of us. We have seen businesses adapting faster than ever before, adjusting business models to meet the needs of the current economic environment we all face.

Croydon BID has played a crucial role in responding to the challenges faced by businesses not just locally but across the country, representing your needs at the very highest level. 

In this report, you can find out how Croydon BID represented you and your business, responded to the crisis, and what changes and adaptations we made to operations to support businesses, including:

  • a detailed overview of the national 'Raise The Bar' campaign, our lobbying campaign to support retail, hospitality and leisure with greater funding; the purpose and the results
  • the tactical increase in communications, including the establishment of the Covid-19 Hub and the delivery of an effective Covid-19 critical communication strategy
  • the focus, as a lead partner in representing your needs as we led with partners on the reopening of retail and hospitality 
  • the adaptation of other services, such as cleansing, to adjust to the challenges that Covid 19 has brought
  • how Croydon BID led and delivered an information safety campaign, including the installation of information towers, lamppost surrounds and posters, lamp post banners all offering practical support and reassurance in a positive and vibrant way
  • the launch of the Croydon BID Night Rangers, offering visibility, reassurance and confidence to our busineseses in the night time economy 

What is as important is what happens next and how Croydon BID can and will continue to proactively respond to the unfolding situation to support your business. Like all businesses, we have adapted our approach to suit the current economic challenges we all face.

Like you, we have adapted our business to meet the needs of our businesses and are pleased to present our new strategy which focuses on providing your business with not just the support but the representation you need during these challenging times and beyond. 

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