About our pledges

Croydon BID’s mission is to make everyone’s experience and impression of Croydon town centre a better one and to achieve that our work is focused on five main pledges:

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Investing in your safety

Ensuring everyone is able to have a safe and comfortable experience while in the town centre is a top priority when it comes to supporting the local economy. To help achieve that, we work in close collaboration with the Metropolitan Police, Croydon Council and other key agencies, to deter and tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and increase feelings of safety.

Delivering brighter streets

Ensuring our streets are litter-free, well maintained and benefit from visible, physical improvements are all high on our agenda. As well as ensuring our streets are clean and easy to navigate, we also aim to improve the town centre surroundings to attract more people and businesses into the area and help make everyone’s experience of the town a pleasant one.

Creating a great impression

As one of the largest commercial centres outside central London, Croydon has plenty going on and is increasingly being seen as an attractive place to invest. The importance of challenging misplaced perceptions of the town and creating a great impression has, therefore, never been higher. To address this, we help raise Croydon's profile by highlighting how it is changing for the better, promoting its diverse offering and by delivering events that aim to energise the town centre, increase visitor numbers and leave a positive lasting impression.

Helping you in and around

Croydon’s excellent transport links are second to none and the ease with which people can get to and find their way around the town centre is crucial for ensuring its future growth. As large scale re-development of the town progresses over the next five years, our twin aims will continue to be promoting the ease of access to Croydon's diverse offering and meeting the anticipated growth in demand for information and guidance from those who are new here.

Bringing businesses together

We know our levy payers have a real desire to ensure their voice is heard and their needs are met. Our aim is to represent businesses’ interests and lobby on their behalf. We also keep businesses informed of our progress and activities through regular newsletters, e-communications, workshops and events.

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