About our pledges

Our commitment is to work together to make Croydon one of the most vibrant, sustainable, welcoming and culturally diverse locations in south London in which to do business, work, live and visit. Together we can. Together we will.

In the current term, 2017-2022, our focus has been on delivering against a series of areas that we know matter to our members, namely: 

Wild Croydon

Welcome to Wild Croydon. This new art trail, bought to you by Croydon BID brings the best of Croydon’s nature and wildlife into our streets, paired with the history of our town.

Investing in your safety

Improving on safety and the perceived level of crime are matters that cannot be addressed overnight nor by any one single organisation. A concerted, collective response is what is needed to help resolve these issues and to create an environment in which people and businesses feel safe and happy to invest. Working with partners, we have and will continue to put safety first. Building upon strong relationships that already exist within our community, we are committed to developing strategies and initiatives that focus the necessary resources on deterring and tackling crime, providing reassurance to the public and giving businesses the tools and support they need to thrive.

Delivering brighter streets

The importance of maintaining Croydon’s appeal is now far greater than ever, as the town grapples with growing amounts of dirt and grime, the number of vacant premises and the impact of re-development. We will intensify our street cleaning and recycling services to support and meet the growing needs of the town centre business community. Working with our members, key partners, landlords and property owners we have and will continue to deliver projects that refresh and enhance our town spaces through the addition of vibrant floral and art displays, while transforming the use and appearance of vacant commercial properties to improve the look and feel of our streets.

Creating a great impression

Creating and maintaining a more welcoming, relaxing and enjoyable environment for everyone in our town centre is crucial when it comes to increasing Croydon’s appeal, boosting visitor numbers and revitalising the local economy. We are determined to deliver a diverse range of events and activities that offer something for everyone, attract greater footfall and increase dwell time into our town centre. We have put in place promotional campaigns to service not just the individual business but the sectors we represent such as our most recent promotion, Treat Out Croydon.

Bringing businesses together

We have successfully demonstrated the enormous benefits that can be derived when organisations work together at a local, regional and national level, achieving far more than any one individual organisation is able to do on its own. We will continue to develop and maintain strong working relationships with policy makers and influencers, ensuring that the business community’s views are robustly represented at the highest level. Regular engagement with our members and ensuring that they are kept up-dated on the latest news, developments, issues and policy changes is key in the drive to forge an even stronger, more dynamic and effective town centre community.

Helping you in and around

Croydon has long been known for its excellent transport links, providing links into and out of the town centre through modes such as train, bus, tram. With thousands of commuters entering Croydon daily, it is crucial that we provide positive first impressions and a welcome that befits our transport network. It is not only important to promote the ease of accessing our town centre but to provide the positive welcome, information, advice and guidance for those that live, work and visit Croydon.

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