Bringing businesses together

Partnership working and two-way communications are vital in our drive to add value to the town centre and ensure positive change continues in line with business needs.

We keep businesses up-dated on progress, policy changes, development plans and town centre issues through:

Via our seat on various working groups and forums, we ensure that businesses have a voice and their needs and interests are represented on topics affecting the town centre including development issues and opportunities and safety and security matters. Go to Business Forums.

Effective partnership working is vital to our success. We work with a wide and varied range of partners to deliver the projects and services that our levy payers tell us are essential for ensuring the town’s future prosperity. See our list of Partners

Croydon BID’s business briefings and networking events are a great opportunity for you to learn first-hand about the burning issues of the day and to let us know what you think too.

Meet our Chief Executive to find out more. Contact us



  • 30,000 communications across 19 campaigns issued to businesses
  • 144,000 combined page views on two managed websites
  • 58,000 new users on two managed websites
  • 22.49% average unique open rate across all 19 campaigns
  • 500+ attended our two new Link-UP networking events

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