Commercial waste management

Croydon BID is delivering a commercial waste service for the town centre designed to reduce the our BID levy payers costs, deliver an efficient service, as well as support the environment.

Croydon BID members will receive a subsidy when they sign up to the scheme, instantly saving you money on your commercial waste costs. The subsidy offered through our scheme is calculated based on the rateable value of your property. 

Initially, Croydon BID levy payers can use their subsidy against services as soon as they sign up to the new service on any one of the 25+ services offered by First Mile, our commercial waste partner.

In addition to the subsidy, Croydon BID levy payers will receive further savings and discounts from the 25+ services offered by First Mile. As a signed up member of the Croydon BID Commercial Waste scheme, you have full control on what services your business needs. 

Services include: 

  • Mixed recycling
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Paper recycling
  • Glass recycling
  • Confidential waste
  • Food recycling
  • Coffee cup recycling
  • Coffee grounds
  • Cooking oil
  • Battery recycling
  • WEE 
  • Textiles
  • Toners and cartridges

And more...

Benefits for the business

  • Free delivery
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy to use online portal
  • Discounts on all recycling services
  • Recycling reports and achievements to track your sustainability achievements

First Mile’s award-winning team, in partnership with Croydon BID, is committed to supporting your needs in reducing costs and improving the environment we all live and work in. Croydon BID BID levy payers will receive a subsidy when signing up to our waste management service, reducing your costs. With further discounted rates, your business can help to save the environment and its annual costs immediately.

Contact our expert First Mile team on 0333 300 3448 who will take you through, step by step, the benefits of signing your business up to Croydon BID’s commercial waste scheme.

Contact the First Mile team today by email on and a member of the success team will be in touch.

For more information about First Mile and ways to make your business greener visit



Since the inception of the service in May 2021:

74 6,777 kwh 9
trees saved through our commercial waste activities energy produced through our commercial waste activities Co2 tonnes saved through our commercial waste activities


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