Croydon BID Radio Link

We are determined to improve the feeling of safety for those that work, live and visit our town centre by delivering a range of innovative and effective solutions to meet your day to day needs.

Working in partnership with Chatterbox, we hope to bring you the very best radio system to help your business succeed in the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour. We are pleased to bring you a radio scheme designed to improve intelligence across the town centre.

The Croydon BID Radio Link offers you:

  • Complete radio system with unit and base
  • Immediate, direct links with other business users across the town centre
  • Valuable updates, insights and intelligence into current activities on street
  • Training and support for you and your staff
  • Video training modules to support you and your staff
  • A discount of £50 for all BID levy payers per unit, per year

The Croydon BID Radio Link will be used by CCTV, Metropolitan Police, Croydon BID ambassadors and local authority officers to provide a foundation of support for you and your business.

Annual Cost
  • Year 1: The full cost is £300 + VAT per unit, which includes a radio unit and charging base.
  • Year 2: The full cost reduces to £240 + VAT per unit.

Croydon BID is offering all levy payers a subsidised £50 discount per year, per radio unit.

Page 4 – Don’t forget…

  • The radio is not a direct link to the police.
  • For all emergency situations please contact 999
  • The police non-emergency number is 101. To talk to your local officer, you can call 101 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need to report a crime that does not need an emergency response
  • Always log in at the start of the day/ shift and log out at the end of the day/ shift
  • Perform regular radio checks; ensure your radio is in good working condition.
  • Ensure the battery is charged, the power is on and volume is high 
  • Think before you speak. Decide on what you are going to say and who it is meant for.
  • Be precise, clear and concise

Where possible, please use the phonetic alphabet...

  • A - ALPHA
  • B - BRAVO
  • D - DELTA
  • E – ECHO
  • G - GOLF
  • H - HOTEL
  • I - INDIA
  • J - JULIET
  • K – KILO
  • L - LIMA
  • M - MIKE
  • O - OSCAR
  • P - PAPA
  • Q - QUEBEC
  • R - ROMEO
  • S - SIERRA
  • T - TANGO
  • V - VICTOR
  • X - X-RAY
  • Y - YANKEE
  • Z – ZULU


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