Croydon Street Pastors

Croydon BID is pleased to support the work of Croydon's Street Pastors in our drive to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy a comfortable and safe night out in the town centre

While the majority of people simply focus on going out on the town to have a good time, this little-known group of volunteers works hard behind the scenes, playing a vital role, dispensing advice and assistance to late night revellers needing help or feeling worse for wear.

The Street Pastors initiative was first pioneered in London in 2003 and now operates in 33 London Boroughs, arriving in Croydon in 2007. 

Working  between the hours of 10.00pm and 4.00am almost every Friday and once a month on Saturdays, a team of up to five volunteers patrols virtually the entire town centre, helping night-clubbers and pub-goers to stay safe on their nights out.  

Taking a softly-softly, low-key approach, the volunteers are ready to lend an ear, have a chat and, more crucially, offer help to anyone out whose night might not be going according to plan.

The team deals with a host of situations including:

  • distributing bottled water to those who have had too much to drink or who need re-hydration
  • providing support and sympathy to those worse for wear or feeling unwell
  • helping people get home safely and
  • handing out flip–flops to women who have abandoned their high heels or who are generally unsteady on their feet
  • utilising the Safer Croydon Radio to report incidents of crime and disorder


  • During the 2014-15 festive period our funding enabled Croydon's Street Pastors to provide assistance in over 80 situations 
Want to find out more?: 

For more information about our work with the Croydon Street Pastors contact our Business Crime & Safety Manager Rebecca Molloy.  

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