Deep cleaning and jet-washing

Our cleansing team are an integral part to the delivery of a positive look and feel for our town centre.

Croydon BID's cleansing team deliver a series of different tasks to support our businesses, add value and make a difference to our town centre. 

Croydon BID's team of two visit the town centre twice per week and deliver 36 hours per week or over 1,800 hours of additional cleansing to support your business and our town centre. 

The team provide a regular jet-washing and deep-cleaning service, removing dirt and grime from our most popular trodden streets. 

Working with businesses across the town centre, our cleansing team offer a variety of services to make sure your business is clean and fresh and ready for the day. 

With growing levels of grafiti, our cleansing team is on hand to remove unwanted tags from across our town centre. 

Our team provides additional mainteannce duties as requested by Croydon BID to improve the street scene in Croydon town centre. 



9,500 187,500+ 14,500
hours of additional, dedicated town centre jet-washing, deep cleaning, graffiti and gum removal square metres of our most popular streets deep cleaned removing dirt, stains and general grime items of street furniture cleaned, graffiti and fly posting stickers removed


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