Delivering brighter streets

First impressions definitely count.

Maintaining a clean and attractive environment for people to work, live and do business in is high on our agenda and will grow in importance as Croydon's re-development accelerates over the next five years.

Croydon BID's aim, therefore, is to keep the town centre looking its best by ensuring our streets are clean and easy to navigate and by enhancing the local surroundings through the introduction of colourful planting displays and innovative schemes that help make everyone’s experience of the town a pleasant one.    

To achieve this, we deliver a series of projects and initiatives focusing on the following priorities:

Working with our partners at Croydon Council, local businesses, and other key agencies, we:

  • Fund a twice-weekly deep cleaning and gum removal service to ensure the streets are clean and fresh for all those working, living, visiting and doing business here 
  • Fund a once-weekly maintenance team to improve the standard of the public realm focusing on neglected areas of the town centre
  • Fund and install year-round floral displays and planting schemes to introduce a welcome splash of colour across the town
  • Use innovative ways of brightening up the town and transforming the appearance of neglected spaces, through the introduction of public art displays 

All of our work supplements the services statutorily delivered by Croydon Council.

To find out more see our Annual Reports or contact us.

  • £1.4 million invested in delivering brighter streets over the past ten years
  • 21,000 extra hours of deep-cleaning and a responsive wash-down service since November 2012
  • 191,000 square metres of pavement deep-cleaned from 2012 - 2016
  • 2,000+ floral displays installed adding year-round colour
  • 3,200+ environmental issues reported since September 2015 prompting swift remedial action 

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