Freshening up our streets

First impressions definitely count.

The value of a clean, well-maintained and welcoming environment should never be underestimated when it comes to attracting and retaining businesses, employees and visitors.

Appealing outdoor spaces and streets that are dirt and rubbish-free go a long way towards shaping perceptions and creating a town centre in which we can all be proud. 

For busy urban environments such as ours, keeping the streets permanently fresh and clean is a costly and never-ending challenge.

We have continued to invest through our street cleaning and recycling services to support and meet the growing needs of the town centre business community including the removal of day to day dirt and grime through to the removal of grafiti and the improvement of neglected spaces. 

Working with our members, key partners, landlords and property owners we are committed to delivering projects that will refresh and enhance our town spaces through the addition of vibrant floral and art displays, while transforming the use and appearance of vacant commercial properties to improve the look and feel of our streets and provide an extra dimension to what is on offer.

In summary, our teams deliver:



9,500 187,500+ 14,500
hours of additional, dedicated town centre jet-washing, deep cleaning, graffiti and gum removal square metres of our most popular streets deep cleaned removing dirt, stains and general grime items of street furniture cleaned, graffiti and fly posting stickers removed
24,500+ 2,000+ 6,000+ 
plants added to the town centre offering year-round colour and vibrancy additional hours maintaining our vibrant green spaces across the town centre hours of winter illuminations delivered across 10+ major streets, kick-starting the festive season

Shaun Webster

Head of Operations
020 8603 0055

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