Funding of police operations

The impact of crime on businesses is staggering. It cannot be dealt with by one organisation. Partners, agencies and businesses must come together in a co-ordinated way to collectively solve the challenges and issues that affect their business daily.

The total retail crime (2019) accounted for an estimated £4.8bn with shoplifting accounting for £1.9bn from 374,395 reported shoplifting cases (Home Office 2019). Croydon BID is determined to put safety first as we look to resolve many of the safety challenges together as a collective. 

We understand that every business is affected by business crime in different ways and to varying levels and as such may need targeted activity. 

In working with Croydon Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), Croydon BID has designed a series of town centre operations that provide solutions to many of the individual business crime related challemnges.

Working with many of our Croydon BID levy payers on an individual level, we work in partnership with Croydon MPS to design a focused operation of activity either across the town centre or within the business. 

Our operations range from shoplifting, dealing with anti-social behaviour, street begging, drug dealing and the need to reduce theft from person across our town centre. 

Croydon BID are currently delivering two operations per month, working with 6 officers per operation, delivering over 48 hours per operation to support a levy paying business or the town centre in general. 

Planning targeted operations for your business

Croydon BID works with its business community to understand and identify the current business crime challenges affecting levy paying members. 

Please contact the team today to discuss how our partnership with Croydon MPS and our targeted operations can support your business. 

Croydon BID funded operations are available only to Croydon BID levy paying members. 

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