Investing in your safety

We want everyone's experience of Croydon town centre to be a positive one, so ensuring your safety and well-being is our number one priority.

To achieve this, we work closely with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), British Transport Police (BTP), Croydon Council, local businesses, key agencies and our very own Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership (CBCP), delivering projects and initiatives, designed to deter and cut crime and improve feelings of safety.

Key initiatives include:

  • Funding of extra police resource: We pay for additional dedicated police resource in the town centre to deter and combat crime and provide a highly visible street presence. A key area of focus also includes our work with the Police, Council and various drug and outreach services to tackle street drinking and begging 
  • Croydon BID Radio Link: The Croydon BID Radio Link launched in April 2019 taking over the previously run Council initiative. Working with our partners Chatterbox, the Croydon BID Radio Link allows town centre businesses the opportunity to hear the latest intelligence and support one another in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. Croydon BID members receive a subsidised discount of £50 per radio
  • British Transport Police Patrols: Working with the British Transport Police, Croydon BID funds 22 days of additional police presence on the tram network. In recent years, we have focused our activity on the Christmas period to ensure all those using our town centre are reassured when using our public transport during the festive season
  • Croydon School Pastors: We provide funding to the Croydon School Pastors, who provide advice and assistance to those in the town centre at key points of the week at the end of a school day
  • Croydon Town Centre Security Zone: We support the work of the Croydon Town Security Zone, bringing together all sectors of the local community to increase the town’s resistance to terrorism
  • Crime prevention and security awareness campaigns: We produce and dispense a wide range of practical crime prevention advice and information, helping to raise awareness of security initiatives in place in the town and increase feelings of safety

To find out more see our Annual Reports.


  • Delivered 1,650 additional hours of extra policing into the town centre
  • Croydon BID funded police officers made 2,700 business engagement visits
  • Croydon BID funded operations focussed on targeted challenges faced by business including shoplifting, anti social behaviour and supporting the Back to School Initiative
  • 106 police arrests were made by BID-funded police officers
  • Launched the Croydon BID RadioLink with 50 businesses taking advantage of the opportunity to support the flow of intelligence and increase collaboration
  • Raised £20,000 for local charity that works with homelessness as part of Croydon's SLEEP OUT Plan B


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