Investing in your safety

Croydon’s reputation and future success hinge upon its ability to attract and retain businesses, employees, residents and visitors who are assured of being safe and secure in the town. At Croydon BID, we are committed to putting your safety first. Investing in your safety is our number one priority.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in the town centre has always been high on our agenda but, in our experience and that of our members, the multitude of security issues currently facing the area has reached an unprecedented level.

Working with our partners including the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), British Transport Police (BTP), Croydon Council and other key agencies, we are committed to delivering projects and initiatives that aim to meet these challenges head on, reducing crime and anti-social behaviour while improving the feeling of safety for all those that live, work and visit our town centre.

Key initiatives include:

  • Funding of additional police officers: Croydon BID in working with the Croydon Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) pay for additional officers in the town centre. We are committed to improving the level of visibility of police officers in our town centre while developing positive relationships between the business community and the local police force. The town centre police team, influenced through the needs of the business community focus on shoplifting, anti-social behaviour and violence reduction in our town centre.
  • Funding of additional police operations: Croydon town centre and our businesses suffer from continual challenges such as shoplifting and anti-social behaviour. Working with our business community, we are committed to delivering business focused operations across the town centre and within businesses to reduce the opportunity of crime. At present, Croydon BID, working with our levy payers, deliver one operation per month.
  • Night-time Ranger Team: Our night-time rangers provide over 50 hours of additional visibility across the night-time economy, five days per week from Wednesday to Sunday. Providing a visible presence on street offering support, guidance and reassurance the team are a valuable resource for those using the night-time economy. Working with our levy payers, the team of night-time rangers deliver on call support and are SIA qualified.
  • Croydon BID Radio LinkBusinesses across the town centre have access to the Croydon BID Radio Link in order to connect our community together with key agencies and resources such as the Metropolitan Police, CCTV control room, our street ambassadors and our night-time rangers. The flow of intelligence and opportunity to request additional support collectively unites the business community to support one another in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Homelessness: Croydon BID recognises the need to bring key partners together to identify the main issues and challenges associated with homelessness and support the development of a co-ordinated strategy to provide long-term solutions for those in need. Working with the private sector, we will also raise awareness of the issue and identify ways in which, together, we can provide support. Working with CR Zero 2020 in discovering ways in which we can support the need to reduce homelessness alongside initiatives such as Croydon Sleep Out, we have raised over £80k. However, much more is needed.
  • Crime prevention and security awareness campaigns: We produce and dispense a wide range of practical crime prevention advice and information, helping to raise awareness of security initiatives in place in the town and increase feelings of safety. 
  • Business Resillience and Business Continuity: Communities defeat terrorism. Terrorism can threaten the safety, reputation and operations of a business. Understanding potential threats facing businesses is key to ensuring protective security measures that are both effective and responsive.

Some of our achievements - 20217-2022

40,000 5,100
hours of additional, dedicated town centre policing hours of additional patrolling, engagement and support through our new ranger team since October 2020
£84,000 32%
raised in providing direct support to those homeless in Croydon through the introduction of Sleep Out Croydon reduction in reported shoplifting cases in Fairfield Ward when comparing April 2013-March 2017 against April 2017-March 2021

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