Wild Croydon: The Artist - Alexander Oddhouse

The artwork featured across Croydon’s town centre has been created by London based artist Alexander Oddhouse, who graduated with a BA in Visual communication and Illustration from the Kent Institute of Art and Design.

Odisy’s extensive artistic history has been a notable part of London’s graffiti and street art movement since the early 90’s. Known for complex letter work, detailed characters, and a unique ability to work with a range of mediums and techniques. His artworks have been exhibited across the UK, Europe and the USA, with historic sold-out solo shows in London galleries. Odisy authentically moves between graffiti and illustration and has gained an extensive following and reputation for his dedication to the subculture. His commercial portfolio includes the likes of clients such as google, YouTube, Reebok and Playstation

“Wild Croydon captured my creative imagination as I saw a challenge to create one singular artwork that embodied the full story of local Croydon, which would include the architecture, the local flora and fauna alongside the notable history of Croydon’s businesses”

“What you might not notice about the artwork at first sight is that the artwork can be viewed and experienced in over four variations, a full piece including all the seven sections, the work individually, the work within their frames and the work vertically with all the frames connected."

"The piece is so versatile to be applied across the various locations in the town centre, while the narrative for me really does encompass everything I could discover about Croydon in our two months of curatorial research. I am very pleased with the work and feel it brings the best of Croydon together in one visual work.”


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