Wild Croydon: A blast from the past

We all have our own memories of Croydon that bring about all sorts of emotions. We pay homage to some of our infamous businesses such as The Greyhound and Turtles, both synonymous with Croydon.
  • Location: Thomas Turner Path

Hand painted mural by Alexander Oddhouse

Some of Croydon’s most famous businesses have now unfortunately had to close, but they will never be forgotten. This mural pays homage to our most beloved shops and nightclubs that put Croydon on the map.

Did you know…

The Turtle you see in this mural pays homage to Croydon’s oldest hardware store, Turtles. The family-run Turtle's DIY store served Croydon's public for 114 years from 1894 - 2008 and was located just around the corner.  Turtles was famous as an aladdin’s cave, where you could still buy screws and bolts by their weight.  It was a place full of those handy little bits you just cannot find anywhere!

Did you know…

The Blue Orchid, previously known as The Greyhound was a famous night club and live music venue found around the corner from where you are now standing. The Greyhound, originally run by Howard Bossick welcomed bands and singers such as David Bowie, The Ramones, and The Jam.

Did you know…

Another notable music venue, considered part of Croydon’s musical history is The Black Sheep Bar, credited with being at the forefront of the emergence of the dubstep music genre.  This slightly alternative music venue was a mainstay of Croydon’s nighttime scene for over 15 years and is still fondly talked about today.

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