Wild Croydon: Croydon in Bloom

Welcome to Wild Croydon. Inspired by the flora and forna, green spaces and flowers including the crocus.
  • Location 1: 12-14 George Street, Croydon 
  • Location 2: 3 George Street, Croydon
  • Location 3: 20 George Street, Croydon 

The first section that has been revealed of the Wild Croydon project features a array of some of the finest flowers that can be found native to the area such as the crocus, the violet and the orchid among others.  Why not buy that someone special some flowers, just because you can!

Did you know...

The name Croydon is thought to stem from the Anglo-Saxon words ‘Croh-Denu’, meaning ‘valley of the crocus’ – suggesting that it may have been a site of saffron production in Roman time. 

The old Taberner House site, was home to a large crocus farm with over 11,000 plants, prior to the construction of the new housing development.

Did you know... 

Just a short distance away from where you are standing is the wonderful community led, walled garden at Parkhill Park, which has recently been transformed thanks to one of Croydon’s most successful Crowd Funding campaigns, led by the Friends of Parkhill.

Did you know...

The Alms Houses, located on the corner of George Street just 20 metres from these artworks is one of Croydon’s most historically significant buildings, owned by The Whitgift Foundation.  The Alm’s houses date back 400 plus years and was originally built as a hospital, permitted with the permission of Queen Elizebeth I, under the direction of Archbishop John Whitgift.

Today, the Whitgift Foundation is one of the largest charitable organisations in Croydon employing over 1,000 people, providing schools, care homes and support to carers.

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