Wild Croydon: Explore far and wide

Maybe it seems abstract at first, to see a flying subway car surrounded by butterflies, but both have something in common - movement.
  • Location: Allders, North End, Croydon

Croydon’s transport links connect you to beautiful tranquil natural sites across the borough that are full nature at its best like beautiful butterflies.

Did you know…

You can take the Tram heading to New Addington to visit the chalk grasslands known as Hutchinson’s Bank, which is a butterfly spotters paradise and great place to find orchids, rare plants and blankets of bluebells.

Did you know…

The Purple Hairstreak Butterfly is native to Croydon.  The Butterfly Conservation, working with the London Wildlife Trust and Natural History Museum are working to establish greater habitat within Croydon and support the growth of species including Grizzled Skippper, Chalk Hill Blue and Small Copper.

Did you know…

The tram network that runs through town centre today was not Croydon’s first. The original network operated through the early half of the nineteenth century, running through North End and past this artwork, up until 1952.


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