Wild Croydon: Moniker Art, The Curator

Moniker is directed and curated by Tina Ziegler, who has been an established international art curator for over 15 years. Tina believes that Art and Culture are the glue that unites business, cities, investors and communities. Her work is rooted in urban culture and public art, which has the power to positively transform environments.
Since 2010, Moniker has established itself as a leading events platform for the urban and new contemporary art movement with an extensive portfolio under its belt of curatorial exhibitions, large scale murals, immersive installations and educational programmes. 10 years of consistent urban art festivals has helped to accumulate a global following and supportive community.
Our mission is to empower the local community alongside the commercial sectors through a carefully curated art and culture program, we do this by working with partners such as Croydon Bid to deliver impactful and meaningful art campaigns. 
“With every public artwork we get commissioned to do, my first question is always how will it work to engage and enhance the community it will live within. Working with Croydon’s brief was no different, we worked extensively on making sure our approach was valid and that it would bring something to Croydon’s vacant shop fronts that could inspire and connect the locals further to their borough”
“On discovering that Croydon is coined the greenest borough in London, yet the town centre felt void of nature, we felt it was necessary to bring information about the local wildlife and the green spaces to the fore font”. 
“Working with Alex Odisy was a no-brainer, he has an extensive track record of approaching his projects with visual story telling that is really unique to his craft.  He has completed something really all-encompassing and I am so excited to see it all come together.”

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