Wild Croydon

Welcome to Wild Croydon. This new art trail, bought to you by Croydon BID brings the best of Croydon’s nature and wildlife into our streets, paired with the history of our town.
Wild Croydon is a public arts project transforming Croydon’s vacant shop fronts into restorative, inspiring and creative artworks.  Created by London based artist Alex Odisy, Wild Croydon incorporates an array of aspects from the natural world, while highlighting Croydon’s history, the local natural environment and wildlife across the borough, that we  all have access to see.  
Many of these shop units have a long history of vacancy, with this project seeking to bring them back into life, transforming the look and feel of our high street, whilst bringing nature and the great outdoors into the town centre for the community to enjoy. 
Croydon is coined as the ‘greenest borough’ in London, yet within the town centre there is a noticeable lack of wildlife and greenery with few green spaces. Wild Croydon seeks to bring nature back into the town centre through a series of artistically crafted, hand painted murals paired with digital vinyl artworks.  Each of these pieces has a strong connection with wildlife and green spaces across the borough, providing the viewer with the opportunity to engage, learn and then to go and explore.
Whilst visually interesting as individual artworks, the series of installations are cleverly connected to each other and the local area, forming a puzzle which could literally be put together to form one large, all-encompassing artwork depicting Croydon.  The completed artwork could be up to 140m in length, when oriented in a certain way.  The final masterpiece consists of seven distinctive segments and themes covering flora and fauna, iconic buildings and businesses, woodland, wildlife and transport. 
The artworks speak for themselves, but also encourage the viewer to engage and discover places of interest across the borough.  Dedicated QR codes prompt the viewer to delve a little deeper with the question…Did you know?  The QR code when scanned will take viewers information specific to the artwork such where to find the specific woodland, park or lakes reflected in the work, whilst also highlighting local birds, plants, flowers and animals native to Croydon.  Some of the pieces focus on the history of the town referencing architecture or much-loved businesses, which are coincidently named after animals, such as the sorely missed Turtles DIY store.  
The project is curated by Moniker Culture and produced by Tina Ziegler and will bloom across parts of the town centre throughout the Autumn.

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