The Ballot

The Croydon BID ballot will run from 20th September 2021 to 21st October 2021, giving you the chance to vote on our business proposal and allow us to continue delivering on your behalf.

Croydon BID must receive a YES vote from the majority of our voting members in the ballot, both by number and by the total rateable value of those businesses who cast their vote.

  • The ballot is a confidential postal ballot
  • To ensure neutrality, Croydon Council will be responsible for the administration, management and delivery of the ballot
  • A voting paper will be sent to you for each business unit that you own or occupy that has a rateable value of £40,000 or more
  • Where a business has more than one rateable business unit with a rateable value of £40,000 or more, it will receive a ballot paper for each individual unit
  • Each ballot paper counts as one vote. It is therefore important that EVERY voting paper is completed and returned



  • A notice of impending ballot will be issued on 6th September 2021
  • Your ballot paper will be distributed on 20th September 2021 when the ballot opens
  • You will need to cast and return your postal vote by 5pm on 21st October 2021
  • The result of the Croydon BID ballot will be announced on 22nd October 2021







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