Croydon BID represents over 550 members across Croydon town centre, working collectively to make a difference.

The work we deliver for the town centre and the business community is vital but don't just take our word for it, check out the views of some of our members as to why it is important businesses VOTE YES this September. 

Chief Supt. Dave Stringer, Commander, South Basic Command Unit (BCU), Metropolitan Police Service

"The safety of all those within Croydon town centre is paramount. Feeling safe is of fundamental importance to each and every one of us, whether at home or out and about during the day or at night."
"Croydon, in common with many other areas, will face significant challenges as we come out of lockdown."

"We are looking to make a significant impact on reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. We value and wholeheartedly support the leading, independent role that Croydon BID plays in representing the needs of the business community and the difference it makes in delivering partnership-led solutions to tackle criminal activities head- on.”

Simon Liste, Chief Information Technology Officer, Pension Protection Fund

“Our staff are our most valuable asset and their safety is of the utmost importance to us as a local, Croydon business. We recognise that there are serious issues and concerns that Croydon must address to ensure that those who live and work here feel confident and safe.
“In representing the business community, Croydon BID has demonstrated its ability to problem-solve and deliver innovative solutions to meet the challenges encountered on a daily basis. The task at hand is not easy but we are confident in the knowledge, skills and expertise of Croydon BID and its partners and their ability to resolve some of the challenges faced and in turn help create a safe and secure environment.”

Bill Addy, Chair, The BID Foundation and CEO, The Liverpool BID Company

“The incredible impact made by the Raise the Bar campaign cannot be underestimated. The collective nature of the campaign, the galvanising of BIDs, Councils, national trade bodies, political leaders and of course the community highlighted the need and presented a solution."
“Businesses from across the country were literally saved by gaining access to grant funding which was at one time not available to them. The campaign gave industries such as retail, hospitality and leisure the breathing space they needed to regroup, adapt and prepare for reopening. Thanks to Raise the Bar and Croydon BID, we can, together, start to look forward.”

Kate Nicholls OBE, Chief Executive Officer, UKHospitality

“As a hospitality sector leader, it is important to highlight the work of Croydon BID and the Raise the Bar campaign."
"It bought together a collective voice, representing over 100,000 businesses across England and Wales, shining a light on the absolute necessity of greater financial support for those with a rateable value of £51k+. Originally, these businesses had little access to grant funding."

“The collective work of the Raise the Bar campaign brought the issue to the forefront of those in power to make an important policy change. The result, thousands of businesses had access to over £1billion in grant funding. The pandemic has shown what can be achieved if you put your mind to it and our sector is grateful of the support offered.”

Andrew Taylor, Managing Director, Parliament Bars and Mr Fox Croydon

“We are a local independent pub located in the heart of Croydon. At the outset of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, we had no access to funding simply because our rateable value was greater than £51k."
“The Raise the Bar campaign demonstrated a true coming together of voices from across England and Wales which grew louder as the days went on, amplifying the message that the Government’s allocation of grant funding had to be reconsidered.

“As a result, working with businesses from across the country, the Raise the Bar campaign unlocked grant funding for those over £51k allowing us and many others to survive. We owe the campaign everything. Our business would not be here without it.”

Amy Lame, Night Czar, Greater London Authority

“The Raise the Bar campaign provided a strong and coherent voice during the past year and demonstrated the ability to bring together a diverse collection of voices from across the UK, directing that collective voice to the Government and every day making that voice louder and louder."
“The campaign focused on what it could do with a small budget and made it go further than we could have ever expected. The result is that the campaign delivered for the industry in unlocking the financial grants it set out to provide.

“Businesses whose rateable value excluded them from grants were offered a lifeline thanks to the collective support of the campaign in bringing the issue to the attention of the Government at a time of great need.”

Nick Smith, Owner, The Ludoquist

“The Ludoquist has always been about community – and when Covid hit, it was clear to us that community was going to be more important than ever."
"Croydon BID helped coordinate local hospitality businesses so that we largely worked with each other in a supportive way through the pandemic, rather than in competition."

"BID also worked successfully to raise our concerns and challenges at not just a local but a national level, tapping into the wider hospitality community outside Croydon to pressure government."

"The next few years are likely to be not much easier for Croydon than the last one, and we’re delighted that there is such a strong team in place to continue to represent and inform businesses like us.”

Jo Bailey, Centre Manager, Centrale Shopping Centre

"The pandemic has been undeniably tough on our town centres and the economy, but the last 16 months have also really highlighted the importance of community and supporting one another."
"As restrictions ease and Croydon comes to life once again, Croydon BID’s work to create an experience to be proud of in the heart of town is more important than ever. "

“Centrale & Whitgift Shopping Centres have recently announced a new collaboration with Croydon BID to deliver BRICKOSAURS, a family-focused event will feature throughout the Summer holidays. This forms part of a wider programme exciting events and activities, designed to enliven our town centre and deliver for the people of Croydon. The BID proposal plays an important role in the town’s recovery by restoring confidence; supporting businesses; and bringing people back to our city centre. We’re excited to partner with the BID to help make it happen.”

Saif Bonar, Matthews Yard

“Matthew’s Yard is far more than just a hospitality venue. We are a community hub that brings together all aspects of life under one roof."
"The hospitality sector has suffered considerably during the pandemic and we recognise that challenges still remain. It is reassuring to know that we have the support of Croydon BID in reigniting the local economy. As we look to instill consumer confidence and attract customers back, we are glad to see bright, engaging promotions such as the ‘Treat Out Croydon’ campaign. We need the independence of Croydon BID to meet those challenges and support our needs without any hesitation.”

Kevin Dewick, Area Director, HSBC

“The importance of something as basic as ensuring our streets look clean, bright and vibrant should never be underestimated."
“First impressions count and Croydon has a lot of work to do if we are to see a real difference in our street scene. The work already delivered and planned by Croydon BID has and undoubtedly will add value. The benefits of having a dedicated cleansing team to remove the daily dirt, grime and graffiti and provide targeted business cleansing are just a few of the reasons why Croydon BID is important for the town. The BID team understand the importance of improving the environment for the benefit of everyone in the town centre and they have shown they are up to the task of raising standards in and around the area.”

Andy Owen, Home Office, Croydon Campus

“The Home Office has commissioned the construction of a new state-of-the-art hub in central Croydon. By autumn 2024, 2 Ruskin Square will open its doors to its workforce and customers, which will see an improved working environment through a carefully planned workspace that incorporates latest thinking to improve sustainability."
The Home Office is committed to supporting and revitalising the wider Croydon community, and for many years, has been a key location for the department; the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) was located in Lunar House in the early 1970s, and over the years the Home Office has operated from nearly 20 buildings across central Croydon. Connectivity to central London and the south has meant that many that staff and visitors are able to travel to Croydon easily from across the UK.

"With the support of the Croydon BID team, who play an integral role in delivering added value to our customer’s journey by providing a positive welcome and experience to Croydon’s town centre, the Home Office’s move to Ruskin Square, will benefit all.”

Richard Plant, SHW

"When I look out across the town centre, I am optimistic for the future given the number of cranes across our skyline, progressive development plans and the clear opportunity Croydon has to grow as a destination."
"As we look to the future, working together, we need to harness the growth potential of Croydon, boosting its appeal to investors."

"Croydon BID demonstrates clear and confident plans as we look to recover including the reclassification of our town main train stations from zone 5 to zone 4 which will I am sure help to make Croydon an even more attractive prospect."

Caroline King, Superdrug

The Croydon BID allows us to quickly identify the right people to talk to if we spot something that will make things better for our colleagues, customers and our visitors."
"As an independent body, the BID can continue to help Croydon to thrive at a time when it is desperately needed. Frankly, we need a BID because without it the business community will lose its voice."

Martin Hewitt, Owner, Hewitts of Croydon

"The BID have been excellent in giving us practical support, especially in the last two years."
"Croydon BID really helped Hewitts get the grants from Croydon Council but not only that the speed at which they got them through to us was impressive. It was essential for our survival that we had these grants. Hewitts will be voting yes for the BID in September. Together we can. Together we will. So please vote yes."