Winners of ‘Creative Croydon 2024’ art competition announced

Croydon Business Improvement District (BID), in partnership with the Croydonist and 31% Wool, is thrilled to announce the five winning young artists behind the soon to be unveiled ‘Creative Croydon’ lamppost banners series hitting our streets in July 2024.
The ‘Creative Croydon 2024’ initiative, aimed at young artists aged 16-25 from Croydon, invited submissions under the theme “happiness is…”, with each participant submitting three artworks by the deadline of June 12th, 2024.

The judging panel, consisting of previous ‘Creative Croydon’ artists Skye Baker, Kate Marsden, Tina Crawford, Matt Bannister, and Miguel Sopena, reviewed all entries, selecting five artists whose entries stood out for their creativity, technical skill, and ability to capture the essence of what happiness means to them.

The winning artists are:

Their artworks will be unveiled and displayed on lamppost banners throughout Croydon Town Centre starting from July 23rd, 2024. This initiative not only celebrates the artistic talent of young individuals in our community but also enriches the public spaces of Croydon with vibrant and thought-provoking art.

Each winning artist will receive a commission of £500, recognising their valuable contributions to our community and supporting their artistic endeavours.

Croydon is awash with creative, thought-provoking talent. Our young people express themselves in a truly unique and rich way that plays on our senses and generates timely debate and interest. The expression of joy and happiness is always welcome, especially in today’s world amid the challenges we face. The exceptional entries from the winners will, we are sure, resonate with all those that visit Croydon town centre.
Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon BID

Croydon BID, the Croydonist, and 31% Wool extend their heartfelt thanks to all participants who submitted artworks, contributing to the success of this year’s competition.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the third year of Creative Croydon appear around our town centre in the coming weeks. It was exciting to work in a collaborative way for this year’s exhibition in the form of a competition with previous Creative Croydon artists as judges, to find the work of five young emerging Croydon artists. It was a tough job for the judges as the standard of entries was high, but the chosen art, unified by the theme of happiness, is both vibrant and diverse, and a lovely representation of Croydon’s growing arts community.
Julia Woollams, Graphic designer at 31% Wool and co-founder of the Croydonist

For more information about ‘Creative Croydon’ and to explore previous projects, please visit: