Croydon Stands Tall 2023

Croydon’s 10-week wild adventure
Our Croydon Stands Tall herd of little and large giraffes had a brilliant summer of fun across Croydon town centre raising money for Crisis, and have now found their forever homes. Explore the event recap below.

A quick recap:

Croydon was transformed into a vibrant canvas for creativity in the summer of 2023, with 30 gigantic giraffe sculptures designed by artists and 30 baby giraffe sculptures designed by local schools and community groups spread across the town centre.

But this wasn’t your typical art installation – it was an open invitation for everyone to join the wild adventure!

We encouraged you to grab a trail map, download the app, and set off on a journey to uncover them all.

And the thrill didn’t stop there! As the trail concluded, our large giraffes took centre stage in an electrifying fundraising auction.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we raised £58,000, offering vital support for Crisis Skylight Croydon.

Our baby giraffes, crafted with love by schools and youth groups, have returned to their creators.

As the curtain falls on Croydon Stands Tall 2023, we would like to thank our trail partners and the wonderful artists who helped make Croydon Stands Tall the success it was, and to everyone who got involved and became an honorary member of our herd – thank you so much!

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The results:

£58,000 raised for Crisis

10 million total project reach

83,000+ event website visits

4,000+ event hashtags used

84,000+ app sculpture collections

99% positive media sentiment