Art Installations

Making Croydon a canvas for creativity
Turning pockets of neglected spaces into vibrant, colour filled masterpieces.

About Croydon BID Art Installations:

We understand the importance of visual experiences in creating a vibrant town centre. By introducing captivating art displays and colourful installations, we enhance the cultural experience of Croydon.

Our art installations not only bring beauty but also serve as a catalyst for revitalisation. By transforming empty sites, we breathe new life into forgotten corners, making them focal points of attraction. These works of art don’t just capture attention; they create a sense of place and ignite conversation. They become landmarks that locals and visitors alike can identify, admire, and connect with.

Our Art Installations provide:

Colour and Vibrancy

Adding character of the area, softening the streetscape and creating a vibrant and welcoming space for both residents and visitors

Artistic Expression

Negelected spaces across the town centre can serve as a unique canvas for local artists to showcase their talents

Increased Footfall

Using eye-catching artworks naturally attracts footfall, contributing to a lively and thriving town centre