Injecting life, energy and colour into Croydon through attractive outdoor spaces, family-friendly leisure events, and a kaleidoscope of entertainment.

No matter what your taste or interests, Croydon’s got a great deal to offer.

To help revitalise the economy and improve people’s experience and perceptions of Croydon, we aim to inject extra life, energy and colour into our town through the creation of attractive outdoor spaces, expansion of leisure time events and entertainment.

To further support, we will promote our town centre through seasonal and sector specific campaigns, all of which will add a valuable extra dimension to the town centre experience.

Working with our partners in the local community, Croydon BID delivers a series of projects and initiatives that are aimed at making everyone’s experience and impression of the town centre a better one.

Principal activities include: 

From music festivals to art exhibitions and food markets, we create an exciting calendar of events that cater to every interest and age group.
We raise awareness of Croydon town centre’s retail, dining, and leisure scene through our strategic marketing campaigns and promotional activities.
Situated at the heart of Croydon’s bustling commercial centre, the North End pedestrian area serves as a popular backdrop for a wide range of entertainment, promotions, and activities.
By transforming empty sites with art installations, we breathe new life into forgotten corners, making them focal points of attraction.
1 m
media reach for our ‘Unexpected Croydon’ inflatable 3D street art trail
50 %
increase in car park visits thanks to Croydon BID’s Christmas parking offer in 2022
50 k
visitors to the ‘Croydon Christmas Roller Rink’ in 2022
50 m
media reach during the launch week of our ‘Croydon Stands Tall’ trail 

The need to transform our town centre, consider alternative activations and innovative temporary uses is imperative as we look to move on. It is equally clear that we need to attract people back to Croydon with a diverse mix of events and activities that will improve the overall appeal of our town centre as we move forward. Our collaboration with Croydon BID means we can do far more in attracting those that live, work and visit the town centre. They are a vital cog in our recovery moving forward.