Championing your interests is at the heart of everything we do at Croydon BID. Together, we can embrace challenges, unlock opportunities, and foster a community that triumphs as one collective voice.

Representing our members forms the very foundation on which we operate at Croydon BID. Only by understanding the needs of our business community can we deliver for our town centre.

Regular communications, information, intelligence, updates are insights are essential to any business. We use a variety of platforms to ensure you have the information you need, when you need it.

We are focused on developing and maintaining strong working relationships with policy makers and influencers, ensuring that the business community’s views are robustly represented at the highest levels.

As an independent, apolitical, representative body, we are committed to engaging with all partners and stakeholders and most importantly of all, our members so that we can deliver the right results.

Key initiatives include:

Annual Reports & Showcase

Review Croydon BID’s activity through our Annual Reports and Annual Showcase reels that illustrate our activities in delivering value for our members through core services, initiatives, and projects.

Monitoring & Insights

Understanding our town centre is important for any business. We are creating a series of data, insights, and monitoring applications to provide robust updates to our members. This includes footfall data for the town centre.

Representation & Lobbying

We are the voice for businesses in Croydon town centre. We are constantly working to influence policy locally, regionally, and nationally to support our business members. Campaigns include Raise the Bar, Business SOS, Bounce Back Better and Business Booster.

Business Events & Forums

Croydon BID host and represent our business community through several business events and forums designed to inform, update, influence and provide future direction to issues affecting our community.

£ 9 m
Discretionary grant fund secured to support Croydon businesses thanks to our national Raise the Bar campaign
50 m
Reach via 270+ media articles, both print and broadcast, as part of our Raise the Bar campaign to unlock vital grant funding during the pandemic
50 k
Communications issued from over 200+ campaigns to keep you up to date and informed on the latest news, events and promotions
50 's
Of hours representing your needs, influencing policy and direction at local, regional, and national meetings

Croydon BID continues to show exceptional leadership and a courageous determination in pursuing our needs as a sector and as a business. They are essential to the response but in equal measure, the recovery. We have no doubt that the challenges will persist and that we will need that all important representation and one stop shop of support so that businesses like us have a strong voice we can rely on.