The safety and well-being of your business, your staff, and all those that use Croydon town centre is our number one priority at Croydon BID.

At Croydon BID, we are committed to putting your safety first.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in the town centre has always been high on our agenda but, in our experience and that of our members, the multitude of security issues currently facing the area has reached an unprecedented level.

Working with our partners including the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), British Transport Police (BTP), Croydon Council and other key agencies, we are committed to delivering projects and initiatives that aim to meet these challenges head on, reducing crime and anti-social behaviour while improving the feeling of safety for all those that live, work and visit our town centre.

Key initiatives include:

The Croydon BID Radio Link is a 5G and Wi-Fi enabled radio system designed to create an immediate network of users throughout the Croydon town centre. With the Croydon BID Radio Link, intelligence sharing has never been easier or more effective.
The CBCP is at the forefront of a range of business crime reduction initiatives in the town centre that are aimed at deterring and stamping out crime, targeting prolific offenders and improving feelings of safety.
The Croydon BID Street Ranger team provides over 160 hours per week of additional uniformed patrolling, increased visibility, and reassurance to make Croydon town centre a safer and more welcoming environment for those who visit, live, and work there.
Working in collaboration with the Croydon Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), we have designed targeted operations to address the individual business crime challenges faced by our members. Together, we can create a safer environment for everyone in Croydon.
hours of additional safety support thanks to our Street Ranger Team since July 2022
£ 0.1 k
value of stock loss recovered thanks to our team of Street Rangers since July 2022
safety business visits conducted by our Street Ranger team since July 2022
hours of police patrols funded by Croydon BID to increase presence and visibility

In representing the business community, Croydon BID has demonstrated its ability to problem-solve, delivering innovative solutions to meet the challenges we deal with day in, day out. The task at hand is not easy but we are confident in the knowledge, skills and expertise of Croydon BID and their partners to resolve some of the challenging issues we currently face and in turn create a safe and secure environment, night and day.