Street Cleansing Service

Enhancing the look and feel of our town centre
Helping to maintain a clean and welcoming atmosphere for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.

About Croydon BID Street Cleansing:

At Croydon BID, we recognise the importance of a well-maintained and inviting town centre.

Our committed team of two cleaning professionals visit the town centre twice a week, providing 36 hours of service each week, amounting to over 1,800 additional hours of cleansing support for your business and our town centre.

The team provide a regular jet-washing and deep-cleaning service, removing dirt and grime from our most popular trodden streets. 

With their expert services, we aim to ensure that your business environment remains clean, fresh, and ready to impress each day.

Our Street Cleansing service provides:

An Improved Streetscape

Our street cleansing service offers visible improvements to the street scene removing dirt, grime, chewing gum and improving neglected areas across our town centre

Reduced Levels of Tagging

Our team is focused on supporting the removal of graffiti and tagging from private property operated and owned by our members, improving the overall look and feel of our community

A Welcoming Environment

Our cleansing team offer a series of cleansing services to support Croydon town centre, creating a welcoming environment to those that work, live and visit our town centre

A Dedicated Cleansing Service

We are committed to delivering a cleansing service, offering over 1800+ hours per year dedicated to improving the look and feel of Croydon town centre

A Responsive Cleansing Service

Our cleansing team is responsive to the cleansing needs of our members and the wider Croydon town centre, scheduling in additional cleansing activities to improve our environment

Overnight Cleansing Operations

Our teams work through the night, delivering intensive deep cleansing with high pressured machinery focusing on particular Croydon town centre footfall areas, improving the overall look and feel