Festivals & Events

Boosting our town’s appeal
Shaping Croydon into a buzzing hub of excitement and creativity.

About Croydon BID Festivals & Events:

A vibrant town centre is a thriving town centre. That’s why we go above and beyond to deliver lively entertainment and a diverse range of seasonal and targeted sector-specific events that add extra vibrancy to Croydon town centre. Our goal? To increase Croydon’s appeal and encourage people to spend more time here.

From music festivals to art exhibitions, food markets to street performances, we curate an exciting calendar of events that cater to every interest and age group. Our events are carefully designed to showcase the incredible talent, creativity, and cultural diversity that makes Croydon truly special.

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Croydon Stands Tall 2023

Unexpected Croydon 2022
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Unexpected Croydon 2022

Our Festivals & Events provide:

Increased Footfall

Our festivals and events are designed to attract people from across the borough and outside of the borough into Croydon town centre

Art & Culture

In many of our events and promotions, we celebrate the use of art, culture and heritage showcasing Croydon in the most positive and diverse light

Energy & Atmosphere

The creation of a vibrant and fun festivals and events calendar supports the town centre in creating a vibrant energy and atmosphere in which those that work, live, and visit Croydon town centre can enjoy

Economic Growth

In representing our businesses, particularly those in the retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors, we deliver a series of festivals and events to increase economic activity across Croydon town centre

Increased Dwell Time

Our festivals and events have an added focus of increasing the amount of time we spend in Croydon town centre and therefore the opportunity for consumers to enjoy the atmosphere, vibrancy, colour and offer for longer

A Positive Profile

Our festivals and events offer an added benefit of shining a light on Croydon and our town centre through positive PR and media engagement, improving our perception and image to a wider target audience