Greening Projects

Bringing beautiful blooms to the heart of Croydon
Transforming neglected spaces while offering greater colour to our streets.

About Croydon BID Greening Projects:

Croydon BID is committed to delivering colourful improvements to Croydon town centre, making a real difference to the welcome and general look and feel of the environment in which we live, work and visit. 

Over several years, we have invested in improving local standards with operational necessities that transform neglected spaces while offering greater colour to our streets. 

  • Croydon BID has taken control of several sites across the town centre which were, at one stage, neglected. Our intention has always been to invest and make a difference to the general look and feel of our town centre through colour and vibrancy. 
  • Our team is responsible for planting and maintaining many key sites around the town centre, including Wellesley Road crossing, West Croydon Station, Reeves Corner, and Dingwall Road planters. We take pride in ensuring that our sites are maintained weekly.
  • While often seen as a basic requirement for our town centre, the value of hanging baskets cannot be underestimated. They add an extra touch of colour and vibrancy throughout the town centre, especially during the summer months. Every year, Croydon BID installs over 114 hanging baskets across the main streets of Croydon town centre, adding a wealth of summertime cheer and charm.

Croydon BID Greening Projects provide:

Colour & Vibrancy

Adding a splash of colour, softening the urban landscape and creating a vibrant and welcoming space for both residents and visitors

Improved Biodiversity

Planters filled with diverse plant species can attract and support various forms of wildlife.

Urban Protection

Acting as subtle visual and physical access barriers to divide spaces and manage pedestrian movement


Hiding unsightly areas and enhancing dead space between commercial buildings and roads