Marketing & Promotions

Attracting people into our town centre
Raising awareness of Croydon town centre’s retail, hospitality, and leisure offer.

About Croydon BID Marketing & Promotional activity:

We take immense pride in supporting our diverse business community and attracting people into the heart of Croydon town centre. How do we do it? With our strategic marketing, promotions, and social media campaigns!

Through our integrated marketing efforts, we raise awareness of Croydon town centre’s retail, hospitality, and leisure offerings. Our team works tirelessly to promote the exciting events, unique experiences, and hidden gems that make Croydon a must-visit destination.

With an active presence on social media, you can find us at @checkoutcroydon. We leverage the power of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, to engage with our community, highlight local businesses, and create buzz around the vibrant happenings in Croydon.

But we don’t stop there! Our carefully crafted promotional campaigns entice visitors with exclusive deals, discounts, and exciting incentives. We believe that, by showcasing the incredible offerings within our town centre, we can drive footfall, boost local businesses, and create lasting memories for all who visit.

Our Marketing & Promotions activities provide:

Increased Footfall

Our marketing and promotions are designed to communicate, engage, and encourage people of all ages through offers, services, and promotions, increasing footfall and overall perception of Croydon town centre


Our marketing team is on hand to work with our business members to increase the overall reach of marketing activity through our multiple channels including social and digital platforms


The Croydon BID marketing team is on hand to support our business members marketing and promotional activities, offering a one stop support service across our channels to ensure greater exposure at zero cost

Improved Communication

We understand that our members marketing and promotions are important. Working in partnership with Croydon BID, we support our members with improved communication and exposure with access to our networks

Business Growth

We appreciate that marketing and promotions support business growth. In working in partnership with Croydon BID, our members have access to a greater network to increase the potential for business growth

A Positive Profile

Our marketing and promotional activity supports not just our business members but Croydon town centre as we work towards creating a positive reason for visiting Croydon, increasing footfall, and supporting business growth